Beth Kirkham

I’m Beth, I’m 24 years old and live in England. Yes, we do actually get sunshine (occasionally), I do drink lots of tea, and the cream goes first on a scone, not the jam.

I’m Beth and this is Tabletop Odyssey, my odd little hidey hole that sits somewhere between Tabletop Role Playing Games and History

In my posts here you will find the mad ramblings of a Classics Degree drop out with a slight obsession with most things History and all things Tabletop.

My Mission

My aim in building this is to help construct the bridge between the worlds of Tabletop RPG’s and History. The crossover between the two is slowly growing but there still seem to be roadblocks in the way, and my hope is to create a way to navigate those roadblocks and introduce the two worlds with eachother. Honestly, I know how daunting history as a subject is and its become abundantly clear how inaccessable it can be, so I want to make things less formal, to have a laugh and share with the tabletop world why History as a whole is so awesome. And as for you Historians, Classicists, Egyptologists, Archaeologists and anyone else who may be popping in to see what a nerd with too much time on her hands has to say, hopefully you’ll find a reason to step into the world of Tabletop yourself, we don’t bite, honest.

What else am I doing?

Whist we’re still working on the website at the moment, in the near future you will be able to find me writing over at Promethian Kind – A world building research base and toolkit for worldbuilders of any kind, from Game Developers and Tabletop Content Creators, to Authors and Set designers. If you’re looking to build a world drawing references from cultures and civilisations of the past, or building a world based in history, but wanting to step away from the standard ‘Medieval High Fantasy’ style, your research should start here.

For any enquiries or messages, or if you have a suggestion of something I should cover, be it mythology, history, or Tabletop, use the form below! If you are enquiring about Promethean Kind, please head over to Twitter and contact us from there!