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Everyone can be a Hero

I generally try to stay out of Twitter discourse, for both my mental health and sanity, but as I sit here typing, fingers swollen, pressure gloves on, finger, wrist and knee splints on, unable to stand long enough to even do last night’s dishes without feeling like I’m going to pass out, it’s become more than clear that I can’t keep quiet on this one. 

Over the last week or two, there has been an overwhelming amount of support, and hate, for certain inclusivity supplements, and I want to send a quick message to all out those haters out there – STFU. Seriously, you look absolutely pathetic and you’re making yourselves sound like idiots, like really, dungeon doors are 5ft wide, how tf is a wheelchair not meant to fit through that? It’s not realisitic enough? Hate to break it to you but disabled folk do actually exist my dear.

Now with that being said, I want to bring to light some of the amazing work that’s been done by members of the community – from games content to supplements, character sheets and dice made to help those who have disabilities and impairments enjoy the hobby we love so much. There is so much out there and below you’ll find some which I’ve found and had sent to me. I will keep updating this post as more are found and brought to my attention, so if you have something that’s not on the list, use the contact form on the ‘about’ page or drop me a DM on Twitter!

Please remember that when using products, especially free ones, you should mention the creator in any streamed or podcast content and show them your love!

D&D 5e

@MustangsartCombat Wheelchair

@Hag_HeroesSpell Adaptations

@JesseMcNameeArcane Prosthesis

Other Systems

@Mustangsart – Witcher RPG – Disability and Witchers & Witcher Prosthetics

@HatchlingDMInspirisles Kickstarter [ASL/BSL Supplements] 

Evil Hat Productions LLC – The Fates: Fate Core Accessibility Toolkit

Onyx Path Publishing – Dystopia Rising: Evoloution [craftable mobility aids] & Legendlore [disabled representation]

Accessibility Tools

@DOTSrpgBraille Dice & Braille Dice 3D Print Files [for personal use only]

Jacob Deitsch – Dyslexia-Assistive 5E Character Sheet