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AEW Does D&D – Murderhobo Style!

AEW. Does. D&D. Yes. A group of 7 wrestlers from the AEW Roster got together Tuesday night and, as one might expect, chaos ensued and it. Was. Fabulous. 


Brandon Cutler – The DM

Leva Bates – Lorelai Onessa Lian the Moon Elf Ranger

Orange Cassidy – Copper Nightflair the Human Rogue

Colt Cabana – Orc Haffington the Half Orc Bard

Peter Avalon – Jonathan Taylor Tortuga the Tortle Wizard

Trent Locks – Rick the Kenku Barbarian

Chuck Taylor – Doc Marten the Lizardfolk Druid

I always enjoy watching learn-to-play streams, there is something extremely wholesome about watching people discover the hobby for the first time and seeing them explore the game mechanics and find their stride in RP – this was no different. In my experience, groups of players who are new to the hobby will go one of two ways, they’ll either stick to the RP, hesitant to get into combat, or they will go the complete polar opposite and dive straight into the dice rolls and just murderhobo their way through the session – if you didn’t guess from the title, this definitely falls into the latter category. 

And just like any good murderhobo session, it all started in a tavern, with the barbarian starting a bar fight. 

Lorelai: Heal him! Heal him!

Peter: I’m going to cast Poison Spray…

Leva Bates & Peter Avalon

From bar fights to prison breaks, and the Druid and the Wizard stealing the deeds to a B&B off an old lady, this game went from 1-11 in the blink of an eye and was a laugh a minute; in the best possible ending, they ended up riding off into.. Well, the pitch black night, it was like midnight.

From an RP perspective, Cassidy and Leva were fantastic, some of the interactions between Lorelai and Copper were awesome and if they continue with these characters I’m looking forward to seeing how that relationship evolves, I can imagine some very memorable moments coming in the future. The personalities of the rest of the party are starting to come through as well and I can’t wait to see the rest of them explore the RP a bit more too. It is a skill that takes time to develop though, and until then I’m more than happy to sit down with my popcorn and watch the chaos unfold.

As the game came to a close, there was a quick chat where Cutler made a point of saying:

There’s no wrong way to [play D&D] as long everyone is haing fun

Brandon Cutler

And that, I think, is the most important thing to take away from this. With all the discourse going on within the TTRPG community at the moment, especially that surrounding D&D, I think we all need to take that step back and realise that no matter what system people chose to play, how they chose to play it, and no matter how many issues there are with that system, as long as they, and the rest of the group, are finding enjoyment in their game and with the hobby as a whole, that’s all that really matters. 

If any of the party are reading this, I would seriously love to play a game with you all at some point, it would be so much fun.

On that note though, I’m going to leave you all to enjoy the rest of your day. If you want to catch up on the madness that unfolded tuesday night, it’s currently up on Colt Cabana’s Twitch VoD for his subscribers, and it will be going up on youtube as well, I’ll drop the link to that here when it’s up!